Who we are and What we do

We are a foundation that is promoting stronger global partnership for development in Ghana. The private sector has a vital role to play in reducing poverty through sponsorships and donations to ensure sustainable implementation of development interventions in Ghana. We serve as the gateway for impact investors, philanthropist by establishing partnerships with individuals, foundations, and business organization to support our efforts to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged in Ghana. We are registered with the Registrar Generals Department with registration number CG108362014 and the Tax Identification number (TIN) C0003674754. As an NGO and non-profit, our Certificate of Recognition from Department of Social Development is 6427 under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection of the Republic of Ghana. We are based in Tamale in Ghana.

Our Board Objectives

  • Set up a social development endowment fund through the promotion of Smart Philanthropy in Ghana.
  • Contribute to increased access to sustainable quality maternal and child health care, safe water, environment, sanitation and hygiene facilities in deprived communities.
  • Contribute to quality educational development and increased teacher effectiveness in basic schools.
  • Promote economic empowerment and social inclusion of women and men.
  • Provide Business Advisory Services (BAS) for the development of sustainable micro-enterprises and the inclusive financial sector.

How We See The Future and Align our Work with the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Smart Philanthropy and Impact Investing will become a major source of development capital for sustainable delivery of development initiatives in Ghana. Ghanaians will become conscious of and adopt a social cause to support.
  • School will become a safe, pleasant and productive place for pre-tertiary pupils, students and teachers.
  • Women and men and the youth will have increased economic security and social inclusion through access to entrepreneurial knowledge, food security, skills development and access to adaptive finance;
  • Community members will acquire positive behavioural attitudes towards water resources, sanitation, hygiene and the environment.
  • Communities will have access to quality primary health care and nutrition services, education, water and sanitation.
  • Strong linkage between Micro-entrepreneurship and strong Inclusive Finance sector will lead to wealth creation and poverty reduction in Ghana